About Us

Who We Are & What We Stand For, Graphiti Wraps has dedicated its time to professionalism, perfection, and quality in every vinyl graphic, vehicle wrap installation project. Their team has the experience to install any graphic application on virtually every surface. Whether you are looking for a single or multiple vehicle wrap, interior wall mural, banner or just need install the Graphiti team will take pride in every project, ensuring customer satisfaction. Their mission is to provide every customer with the same professionalism, perfection, and quality no matter what size, shape, or location of the project while staying competitive with the competition. We are a Michigan based company with National Service!

Chad Parrish, a Certified Graphics Installer, Avery Dennison CWI Trainer, 3M Authorized Trainer, President of Graphiti Wraps, Co-Owner of Wrap Mafia tools, began his career in 1998 working in a local digital print shop where he found himself running a vinyl plotter and installing vehicle graphics. It wasn’t long after, he got his hands tangled in vinyl, learning different materials, what each of those materials could do, and which ones were best for what applications. During this time he earned his bachelors in Business Admin/Marketing, while his passion grew for a vehicle wrap industry, that was just about to evolve.

In March of 2006, Graphiti Wraps was born, a subcontracted installation company. Chad is committed to the future, making sure his customers get the most current technological advances in material and installation techniques for their projects. Throughout the years, Chad has invested into getting trained by numerous manufacturers, learning the different materials and install techniques, while earning installation certifications from those manufacturers for those multiple applications. Til this day, Chad is on every job, making sure each project has his stamp of pride, quality, and attention to detail. This asteam sense of attention is what has positioned Graphiti as one of the highest quality, award winning, and professional vinyl installation teams in the nation.

It was in June of 2013, when both Chad and another subcontract installer out of Detroit collaborated and created Wrap Mafia, a vinyl installation tool company. With an unexpected plan, a high demand, and tool that was created to install large square foot wall murals or flat surface installs, the “Bill Collector” Squeegee was produced and released for sale to the graphics world.

In his spare time, Chad is a strong believer in spending time with family and friends. With hobbies like, hunting, fishing, river kayaking, hiking, and plenty of BBQ’ing, Chad loves to spend his time outdoors, cooking or in the woods or on the water with his wife Christine and chocolate labrador “Whiskey”.

  • Masters of Branding Member
  • Avery Dennison CWI Trainer
  • 3M Authorized Trainer
  • TWI Endorsed Trainer
  • Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer
  • 3M Preferred Installer
  • 3M Architectural DiNoc Installer
  • 3M Knifeless Tape Endorsed Installer
  • Arlon Wrap It Right Certified Installer
  • Arlon Certified Applicator
  • Lowen Certified Installer
  • XPEL Paint Protection Films Certified Installer
  • Wrapify Certified Installer
  • 2015 Paint is Dead Wrap Cup Top 3 Finalist!