Color Change Wraps

Be far from original! With vehicle wrap color changes being one of the hottest restyling features one can have done to their car, options are virtually unlimited when it comes to choosing a color, finish or style for your car.

Painting and repainting a vehicle is significantly more expensive and time consuming, as it often takes several weeks to fully paint a car. In most cases, a quality vehicle wrap job only takes a few days. Plus in most cases once you repaint a car the value of that car diminishes while if you were to wrap you can always easily remove the film and get back to the cars original state and vehicle finish as when it started.

A vehicle wrap does more than improve your vehicle’s appearance; it can protect paint from minor scratches, swirl marks, rain, pollutants and most road debris. A vinyl wrap application will protect and preserve your original paint job. As long as you aren’t involved in a serious body damage, when the wrap is removed, it should look as good as the day you wrapped it.

With our Award Winning Installation Team, Graphiti Wraps will provide a color wrap that is mistaken for paint, because in the end the color change is only as good as the guy that installed it.